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About Napier Funeral Home

Before our firm was Napier Funeral Home, it was the J.M. Posey & Son Funeral Home. That business was started in 1879 under the direction of Mr. John Posey. It was in a three-story building that had a furniture store on the first floor and a funeral home upstairs. This was only the beginning of a great story of a business that would turn into what it is today.

Sammie was a part of the Posey establishment for many years before he purchased the firm. He has been in the funeral service since 1960 and has been a licensed funeral director since the 1970's. He worked at all three locations, managing the Langley firm at one time but spending most of his time at Graniteville managing and directing. This town has always meant a lot to Sammie and always will. Being here since his birth he connects with the people and is an icon in the area. With nearly 60 years of service in Graniteville, he is known for his heart of compassion towards the bereaved families that we serve day after day.

Napier Funeral Home, Inc has been around since 1994, when Sammie and Glenda Napier purchased it. Before it was Napier Funeral Home, it was the J.M. Posey & Son Funeral Home. Sammie grew up working for the Posey family and has been in this profession for nearly 60 years himself. As a young boy, Sammie would sweep floors, dig graves, and run a furniture route for the furniture store that was connected to the funeral home. He managed the firm for many years. He could have only dreamed of one day owning this great establishment, and 1994 that dream came true. In 1998 Glenda, Sammie's wife, left her job of 35 years as a branch manager and vice president of the bank to help Sammie manage their new business. Since then the two have worked with many families to help them make arrangements for their loved ones and hope to continue for many years to come. We are located in the beautiful historic mill community of Graniteville SC, just 3 miles west of Aiken SC, and 10 miles east of Augusta GA. It is our passion to serve each family with dignity and honor their loved one in their celebration of life.

Very often people around the funeral home get the privilege of hearing stories of how things used to be from Mr. Napier. He talks of the days when they had the ambulance service and how he would always have to leave his date to run a medical alarm. He tells about the days when they had a furniture route to collect and about all the Christmas Eve's that were spent collecting before they were able to go home and be with their family. Most importantly to him is how funerals were conducted with the upmost dignity and respect of the deceased, and still to this day, he carries the lessons he has learned through the years with him as he conducts services and directs his staff to care for families in a way that is second to none.